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Guide To Courier Services

In general couriers deal with the transportation of light goods and parcels, and tend to focus on speedy, door–to–door delivery services. Whether you need the documents, package or parcel picking up from you home, office or a hotel, there is an array of UK couriers operating on a local, national or international basis.

Most organisations in the UK rely on fast and reliable transportation of goods and documents to maintain their company‘s commercial competitiveness. Express couriers and same-day couriers specialise in the time–definite transportation of documents, parcels and freight, which has helped many UK businesses to beat off global competition and be a success both at home and abroad.

The courier sector of the distribution industry moves thousands of packages to destinations around the UK and the rest of the world every day. In most cases, the types of good moved by couriers are high value, confidential or hugely important items, such as medical equipment, legal documents, contracts, and electrical production equipment.

Businesses and individuals can choose from a number of options to ensure their goods get to where they are going on time. You can opt for same day courier delivery, which may involve using a motorcycle courier who can nip through busy city traffic to get your goods to their destination within hours, or express courier delivery, which may involve transporting larger goods by van or car to an airport to be taken abroad by freight plane.

The courier industry is represented on a national and international level by a number of trade associations, including the Association of International Couriers and Express Services (AICES) and the Despatch Association (DA). Whatever type of courier service you require, you can find a courier near you by using our listings section.