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Industry Trade Associations

There are many different trade associations for the distribution and delivery industry operating in the UK today, and here we give you the low down on the main trade associations for the haulage, freight, courier, and transport services.

Road Haulage Association (RHA)

The RHA is the UK haulage industryís main trade association, and it provides advice, information and business services to haulage companies and haulage contractors, as well as campaigning on their behalf. The RHA is split into four regional offices, Southern & Eastern, Midlands & Western, Northern, and Scotland & Northern Ireland, and each office helps haulage companies and haulage contractors in their area.

British International Freight Association (BIFA)

BIFAís members are all involved in the international movement of freight, providing European road and rail distribution, maritime intermodal services, air freight forwarding, customs broking, packing of goods for export, warehousing and distribution, or logistics and supply chain management. The associationís aim is to represent and support Britain's freight services industry within the UK and across the world, as well as promote and regulate the quality of service from all its members.

Association of International Couriers and Express Services (AICES)

AICES is the main trade association in the UK for companies that handle international express documents and package shipments. Members include the likes of DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS, and together all the members employ more than 29,000 directly and support a further 68,000 indirectly

The organisationís main concern is representing its members on regulatory issues that affect their business by holding negotiations between the industry and Government departments, improving and maintaining professional standards within the industry, and working with national and international organisations to ensure the UK industry is well represented within the European Union.

Freight Transport Association (FTA)

The FTA represents the interests of companies involved in moving goods by road, rail, sea and air. In total, FTA members operate more than 200,000 goods vehicles, which is almost half the UK fleet. The organisation is dedicated to helping its members, promoting good practice and advancing the industry.

Chartered Institute of Logistics an Transport UK (CILT UK)

CILT UK is a professional body that represents individuals and organisations that work within the logistics and transport industries. The organisation has more than 22,000 members and promotes professional excellence and the development of new techniques in logistics and transport. The original Institute of Logistics and Transport (ILT) was formed in June 1999 but in April 2004 members voted in favour of ILT adopting the word 'Chartered' into its title, and it has been known as CILT UK since May 2004.